Luxe Health was created by Dr. Sarah Giovinazzo, a Naturopathic Doctor and Reiki Master. Over the years, Dr. Giovinazzo has noticed a shift in women’s health. More and more commonly, women are suffering from hormone imbalances, digestive issues and premature aging. These are all closely related in a physical, emotional and spiritual way. Our appearance is important to all of us, it makes an impression before you even say a word. 

Most people have tried all the creams, medications and injectables hoping to improve acne, lose weight, reduce wrinkles and the list goes on. Although these can be helpful, optimal results can’t be achieved without addressing the biggest contributor to our appearance….. the state of our INNER HEALTH. How can we look vibrant and glowing if our liver isn’t detoxing properly or if our digestive system isn’t breaking down food adequately for absorption or we’re lacking key hormones? We won’t…. we must treat the root cause.

Creating an optimal heathy state of being internally, will automatically be reflected in your appearance. Consider your appearance as a mirror, reflecting the state of your health. Luxe Health is determined to help women look and feel their best. This is achieved through healthcare that focuses on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components of our patients.